Winning Margin Bet Explained

While there are many ways to approach winning margins in sports betting, such as points spreads and handicaps, a winning margin bet is a simple format used commonly in football matches.

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What is a Winning Margin bet?

In football betting, a winning margin bet is simply a decision of how big of a margin a team will win a match by. The options that would be available in such a market are things like Arsenal to win by a 1 goal margin, Barcelona to win by a 2 goal margin.

Once you start getting up to bigger margins of expected victory, then things get a little more flexible such as Arsenal to win by 3 goals or more, or Barcelona to win by four or more goals.

How does a Winning Margin bet work?

In a game between Arsenal and Barcelona, you think that the Spaniards are going to have a fairly comfortable time. You expect them to win but in the match outright they are only short 1/3 odds to collect the victory. It’s not particularly tempting odds.

However, Barcelona to win by a two-goal margin bet is offered at 3/1 odds instead. You are still banking on the match outright being the same as Barcelona winning, only now you have extended your odds by backing them to win exactly by a two-goal margin.

If Barcelona collected a 3-1 win in the match the bet would be won. However, if they won the match for example 5-1 or 1-0, the winning margin of your bet was not accurate, so your bet would have lost, regardless of Barcelona winning the game.

Bookmakers do offer some leeway on the more uncommon results in the winning margin betting markets. For example, a Barcelona to win by 3 or more goals margin does offer flexibility. It could be a 4-1 win for them or a 4-0 result for them and the bet still wins. It’s just that it’s not as common for games to end with such big margins.

Winning Margin Variations

Bookmakers will also offer a Score Draw or a 0-0 Draw options in the winning margin market for a football match. Another option that you will find for winning margin bets, is the half time winning margin. In sports like Basketball you can even break it down into further markets like a winning margin – 1st quarter market.

Winning Margin example in Basketball

Basketball is another good sport where margins come into play as a popular option for betting. An example game between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets has the Warriors at 4/6 to win by a 6+ points margin. The Golden State Warriors put up a 96-90 victory in the match. The points spread in that bet is covered exactly, because that’s a six-point margin. So the bet wins outright. A £10 stake at 4/6 would be a return of £16.67 including stake.

However, if the Warriors had won 96-93 for example (a 3 point margin), then the bet would have been lost because the minimum six-point margin hadn’t been covered, even though the Warriors still won the match.

What is a Winning Margin 3 Way in Basketball?

A 3-way bet in basketball, as it is in soccer, is simply predicting the outcome of a match. A 3-way bet is referred to as 1×2, where 1 is the home win, x is the draw and 2 is the away win. The same principle is applied to a winning margin 3 way in basketball. You simply pick the team that you think is going to win and predict the margin of victory that they will be successful by.

There are different ways that winning margin bets are displayed in basketball matches. You will have a set margin, such as Golden State +6, or a range bet such as Golden State by 6-10 points.

For the set margin bet, the minimum has to be met and as long as it is, it doesn’t matter what size the winning margin gets to. However, in the range bet of 6-10 for example, the bet would lose if Golden State won by 15 points or only by 3 points.

Because the range bet in winning margin wagers on Basketball are more specific and harder to pin down, they offer extended odds compared to the fixed margin.

Winning Margin Strategy

The difficulty of the market is getting it spot on. However, it is not that common that winning margins of more than two goals crop up in soccer matches over the course of a regular season. Where the winning margin bet comes into play nicely is in matches where there is a strong team, perhaps even at home, taking on lower ranked opposition.

Going back to the football example from above, Barcelona at home would be expected to beat Arsenal. But there is naturally bigger prices to be had in backing them to win by a specific margin. The nice thing about a winning margin bet is that it offers far more versatility than something like a correct score prediction.

You could take a Barcelona 2-0 correct score, but instead of that, in backing them to win by a two-goal margin you have the options of 2-0, 3-1, 4-2 results and so on result coming up in their favour instead of just the one specific result. Statistics are a huge factor in picking winning margin bets. For a match, look how many goals both the home team and the away team have been scoring and conceding.

Again, when it comes to winning margins in football, there is rarely a big reason to vary from a margin of 1 or 2 goals. You can even use that to hedge the outcome. For example, a £1 steak on Barcelona to win by 1 goal would return £3.33 profit at 10/3 odds. If you took another £1 stake on Barcelona to win by a 2 goal margin at 6/1 then, as long as Barcelona didn’t break out to a big goal frenzy then the minimum you would collect would be a £2.33 profit (a 1 goal margin win minus the lost stake on the 2 goal margin win). Doing that covers all one-goal and two-goal winning margins that are possible for Barca.

How to place a Winning Margin on Bet365?

When you visit a specific match to look at all the available markets at Bet365 you will find the Winning Margin market about halfway down the page. So you may have to scroll a bit to get there. Expand the market and you will see the most common winning margin options to select from.

That’s 1 goal, 2 goals, 3 goals or 4+ goals, along with the Score Draw or No Goal options. So you simply click on the price under the team that you expect to win by a given margin and send that to your betting slip.

How Does A Winning Margin Bet Work - Winning Margin Betting Type Explained

What Is A Winning Margin Bet - Winning Margin Betting Type Explained
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