Wincast Bet Explained

A Wincast bet can be looked at as a variation of a Scorecast. Or the other way around if you like! The Wincast calls for the forecast of two specific things in a football match, the first goalscorer and the match result.

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What is a Wincast bet?

A Wincast bet pulls two options from a match together into one bet. It is just a straight fixed odds bet, which requires one unit of stake. There are variations of Wincast bets, but the regular one is predicting the First Goalscorer and the Match Result.

An example of this would be Marcus Rashford (First Goalscorer) – Manchester United (To win). Those two things both have to happen exactly for the bet to win. A draw can also be selected as the match result. The first goalscorer doesn’t have to be picked from the same team you pick to win the match either.

How does a Wincast bet work?

A Wincast bet has to have both of the predictions within it, come good. If just one of them happen to win, then the whole bet collapses and your entire stake is lost. Because you are looking at two specifics of a match to win, it can be a difficult bet to be successful at.

If you think of the First Goalscorer market for a football match, even though at the head of the market there will be the main strikers from each team, it’s no guarantee that a man on a three-match scoring streak is going to score in the next game.

It’s a very random market. So a Wincast is a highly unpredictable betting market, but the bigger odds available in it, reflect that.

What is an anytime Wincast?

This is a popular variation of the regular Wincast bet. In this, there are still two predictions which are being made. However, the anytime Wincast gives a little more leeway because it only asks for an Anytime Goalscorer prediction and not the First Goalscorer.

Let’s say you made a regular Wincast of Marcus Rashford First Goalscorer – Man Utd. The Red Devils won 2-0 in the game, but Rashford got the second goal of the game but not the first. The regular Wincast would have lost, but if the bet had been taken as an Anytime Wincast, it would have won. It wouldn’t matter when Rashford scored, as long as he did.

Winning example of a Wincast bet in football

Manchester United are playing Chelsea in a Premier League fixture. You see the Red Devils have been in form but Chelsea are a good side and the game should be close. Man Utd have won three of their last five home games against the Blues, so there’s a bit of a trend that you like.

In their regular league form, Marcus Rashford has scored three goals in four games, two of those being opening goals in fixtures. So you back a Marcus Rashford – Man Utd Wincast. Rashford bags himself the opening goal of the fixture and United run out 2-1 winners on the day. The bet wins.

Losing example of a Wincast bet in football

In the example of a Marcus Rashford – Man Utd Wincast bet in the game against Chelsea, things don’t quite go to plan. You play a £2 stake on the bet and are excited as Marcus Rashford gets the first goal of the game.

However, Chelsea are in a bullish mood that day and manage to get themselves back in the game. They head back to London happy with their efforts in a 1-1 draw. As for the Wincast bet, that £2 stake is lost because although Rashford netted first, Manchester United failed to win the game.

It would be the same outcome if Rashford had not of scored in the game and Manchester United had won.

What’s the difference between a Wincast and Scorecast?

A Scorecast is a little bit more rigid than a Wincast, which is why the Wincast is a fantastic alternative. A Scorecast consists of First Goalscorer – Correct Score predictions. So that is two selections from two notoriously difficult markets. The Wincast just needs the match outright (regardless of the scoreline), so is a little bit easier to call in that regard. There is also such a thing as an Anytime Scorecast to swap the First Goalscorer for an Anytime Goalscorer.

Wincast betting strategy

The Wincast is certainly a lot more user-friendly than a Scorecast. So a simple strategy going to look at a Wincast bet is to look for a strong home favourite. Strong home favourites in a football match may often be at odds-on, but that’s not that important. They may well be a prohibitive price to back in the match outright, but the Wincast adds value (not without risk of course).

The Wincast will still return a relatively handsome odds quote because of it needing two predictions from the match to be correct. So if you make one of those predictions as a strong home team to win, that leaves you with just the decision of narrowing down a goalscorer for the second part of the bet.

It’s often not worth limiting the bet to just the first goalscorer option, and therefore the alternative Anytime Wincast bet offers a very good compromise in what is still an advanced bet.

How to place a Wincast on bet365?

The Wincast is not one of the main markets listed for a given football match. Still, it is easily accessible though as you can just click on the Player menu. This is at the top of the page when you browse to a particular game.

The Wincast then is about a third of the way down the page and you will see one option presented. You use the drop down menus for the Wincast market to then configure the bet that you want. You use them to switch player and switch the result to your desired outcome.

When you are happy, strike the bet by placing it in your betting slip. Every time that you make a change to your Wincast bet, the odds will immediately be updated. If you can’t find an option that you want in the Wincast market, you are able to contact the bookmaker and request it from them.

How Does A Wincast Bet Work - Wincast Betting Explained

What is a Wincast Bet? Wincast Betting Type Explained
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What is a Wincast Bet? Wincast Betting Type Explained
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