Win To Nil Bet Explained

A Win To Nil bet is a popular type of football betting market / wager. It sets the condition that not only do you need to pick out the winner in a match, but that they will win without conceding a goal as well.

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To Win To Nil meaning

To Win To Nil simply means that the winning team in a match doesn’t concede. Think of a 1-0, a 2-0 or a 3-0 scoreline for example. They are all instances of a team producing a victory ‘to nil’.

How does a Win To Nil bet work?

It doesn’t matter how many goals that the winning team in a match scores. As long as they win without letting the opposition get on the scoresheet, then all is good. Think of the bet being the sum of two parts.

  • You are backing a team to win the fixture
  • You are backing a clean sheet to be made by the team that you backed to win.

Winning example of a Home Win To Nil bet in Football

Real Madrid are at home in their derby match against Atletico Madrid. They haven’t been conceding many goals at the Bernabeu and they are only 4/11 to win in the 1X2 match outright. It’s not a great price.

But Real Madrid To Win To Nil in the match is at 11/8, far better value because you are now needing two different conditions to come good. So you strike the bet with £10 stake.

The home team successfully produce a 2-0 victory in the match. They won. They didn’t concede. The Win To Nil bet wins and returns £23.75

Losing example of an Away Win To Nil bet in Football

Manchester City are on the road for a league fixture out at Brighton. The Citizens are the favourites to win the game, even though they are away from home, where it is generally tougher to win games.

Still, Manchester City are so strong they are at 1/8 odds-on in the match outright. But a Manchester City To Win To Nil wager returns odds of 4/5, which is far more favourable. As City are so strong in the match outright, adding the contingency of a clean sheet doesn’t look to be a big stretch.

However, in the match Brighton get a lucky break when they are awarded a penalty. They convert it. Manchester City go and score five goals in the fixture and collect all three league points in a 5-1 win.

Because Man City conceded that one goal in the game, the entire bet is lost. Similarly, if the game was to end in a 0-0 draw, then even though Man City didn’t concede, they didn’t win the game outright, so the bet would have lost.

Win To Nil betting strategy

The basic strategy of a Win To Nil bet is to look for strong favourites on home soil. These are teams which are expected to win the game and because they are at home. Strong teams tend to control games at home, while visiting teams in such circumstances, take a conservative approach. So the perception then is that the home team are less likely to concede.

In such instances, when you find a team at odds-on prices for a win in the match outright, backing them to Win To Nil should push the odds on them towards even money and better. The way to think about it is, that you are backing the same outcome of a home win still. You just need that extra condition of the clean sheet thrown into the mix.

It’s pretty easy to see the defensive record of a team on home soil. Just look at their most recent run of form and see how many goals that they have given up. Check their most frequent scorelines at home and their average of goals against per home fixture.

Win To Nil alternatives

There are other ways that you can technically back a team to win, as you can look at Win To Nil alternatives. Backing Both Teams NOT To Score for example in a game where there is a strong home favourite, would amount to the same thing (actually offering a little more coverage because a 0-0 draw would pay out as a win too).

Other alternatives to a Win To Nil bet would be in the correct score market. A prediction for a team to win 1-0 or 2-0, for example, could be made. These will offer more generous prices but are very specific (and therefore more difficult) bets to predict.

Match Result and Under 1.5 goals is another way of backing a clean sheet victory. You are basically here calling the result of the game, backing a team to win, but because you are also backing the game to end under 1.5 goals, then for both conditions to happen it would have to be a 1-0 victory. You could do this with Match Result and Under 2.5 goals too, as that would be essentially backing a team to win either 1-0 or 2-0.

How Does A Win To Nil Bet Work - To Win To Nil Betting Type Explained

What is a Win To Nil Bet? Home / Away Win To Nil Betting Explained
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