Scorecast Bet Explained

A Scorecast bet is a wager on football matches which, by general consensus is one of the most difficult types of bets to predict. Two factors determine a Scorecast bet, the first goalscorer and the correct score in the match.

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What is a Scorecast bet?

A Scorecast bet brings together two of the most difficult markets that there are to predict in a football match, and rolls it all up into one. It requires just the one unit of stake. You will see listed for a match, a variety of options for Scorecast bets.

For example in a game between Manchester City v Barcelona, things like Sergio Aguero – Man City 2:1, Lionel Messi – Barcelona 3:0, or Raheem Sterling – Draw 2:2 would be available. It is pairing a correct first goalscorer option with the exact correct score in the match.

While it is common in a Scorecast that the first goalscorer pairs up with the winning team favoured in the correct score part of the bet (Lionel Messi – Barcelona 3:1 for example) there are the less common picks of the First Goalscorer NOT being from the team favoured in the correct score market (Lionel Messi – Man City 2:1).

How does a Scorecast bet work?

So for the Man City v Barcelona example match, you look at the Scorecast options for the match. The list is long. Not only do you have ten outfield players on each team at the start of a match, but substitutes happen as well. So you have to try and wade through all of that to pick a first goalscorer.

That’s only half of the conundrum. What is the correct score going to be? Think of all the potential outcomes that could happen there. If you were to look at individual options in either of those markets, you would find big odds. There are even bigger prices to be found in a Scorecast market. It’s not uncommon to find the shortest priced options starting at around 20/1 for example.

The Scorecast is just one bet containing two selections, both of which have to be exact for the wager to win. If just one of the options is correct, that’s not enough, the entire stake is lost.

What is an anytime Scorecast?

An anytime Scorecast bet gives a little more flexibility. The First Goalscorer requirement is swapped for an Anytime Goalscorer requirement. As in the regular Scorecast, you will see a long list of options. However, if you were to back Raheem Sterling 2:2 as an anytime Scorecast, that means that as long as he scored in the match (not being limited to having to be the First Goalscorer) and the scoreline ended 2:2 the bet would win.

Winning example of a Scorecast bet in football

A straightforward example of a Scorecast bet in football then is our UEFA Champions League final of Man City v Barcelona.

Man City striker Sergio Aguero is on a hot streak of form, so you fancy him to score first at home. In the first goalscorer market, he is the 3/1 First Goalscorer Favourite.

You have an inkling that Man City will narrowly win the game 1-0. A 1-0 result for Man City in the correct score market is 10/1.

In the Scorecast market, a Sergio Aguero – Man City 1-0 option is at 34/1 odds. That’s the massive jump in odds that a Scorecast brings. So you back that option with a £1 stake. Sergio Aguero gets the only goal of the game in a 1-0 success for City. So that makes Aguero the first goalscorer and that goal delivered the correct score of 1-0. The bets wins, returning £35 in total from your bet.

Losing example of a Scorecast bet in football

Let’s flip it around, sticking with that same bet of a Sergio Aguero – 1:0 Scorecast. Aguero comes out and deftly slots home the first goal of the game after twenty minutes. Your bet is on track, but there’s a huge chunk of the game to go.

Later in the game, Aguero nets his second of the fixture and Manchester City take a 2-0 success in the game. So even though he was the first goalscorer, as correctly predicted, his second goal ruined the scoreline and the entire stake is lost.

What’s the difference between a Scorecast and Wincast?

A Wincast bet varies slightly from the more commonly known Scorecast bet because instead of asking for the correct score, it simply asks for the match result from the 1X2 market.

There are couple of different ways a Wincast can be played, either with a First Goalscorer option or an Anytime Goalscorer option.

An example of a Wincast First Goalscorer bet then would be Lionel Messi – Barcelona to win, meaning that Barcelona have to win the match (scoreline does not matter which is the variation from the Scorecast bet) and Lionel Messi has to get the first goal.

Scorecast betting strategy

Bookmakers aren’t too afraid of throwing out big odds for Scorecast bets, because the math is on their side. It’s a fairly low risk for them but punters still nibble because of those big odds.

Scorecasts are not easy bets to win. There’s no two ways about it. If you are looking to approach them, study which are the most frequent score lines in a league and then look at what the home team’s most frequent score lines are.

This offers no guarantee on the day of course, but if 30% of games in a league have ended 1-1 and 25% of have ended 2-1 to the home team, those are margins worth sticking to. As for goal scoring options, it’s simply spotting those players in form. But still, anything can happen on the day. Even that full back who hasn’t scored in six seasons can pop up with a goal from nowhere.

How to place a Scorecast on bet365?

The Scorecast market on a football match can be found easily under the Player menu across the top of the game’s page. It sits right near the top once that Player filter has been applied. You will see listed some of the main options and you can then use the drop-down menus within the bet365 scorecast market to configure the bet to your liking.

You can just scroll and click different players and different scorelines. The odds will be updated immediately. The anytime Scorecast market sits directly beneath the Scorecast. Bet365 can be contacted for a requested bet if there is an option that you want which hasn’t been listed.

How Does A Scorecast Bet Work - Scorecast Betting Explained

What is a Scorecast Bet? Scorecast Betting Type Explained
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What is a Scorecast Bet? Scorecast Betting Type Explained
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