Draw No Bet Explained

A Draw No Bet is a wager that is found in football betting. While the purpose is still to select a team to win a fixture, the bet offers some insurance by returning the invested stake if a draw is produced.

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Draw No Bet meaning

A Draw No Bet means simply that the bet which you have struck for backing the winner of a football match becomes void if the game ends in a draw. The entire stake gets refunded in such an instance.

How does a Draw No Bet work?

The basis of the Draw No Bet is still the same as picking a winner in a 1×2 market. You pick the team that you want to win. However, with backing the team as a Draw No Bet option you have the coverage of the stake coming back to you if your team does not win or lose.

In a 1×2 market, you back the Home Win (1). That means the other two outcomes will cause your bet to lose. However, because in a Draw No Bet the draw would return your lost stake, it leaves you with the scenario of only the other team winning to totally cause the bet to lose.

So basically, only one outcome (instead of two) would cause the loss of the stake. Because of that extra insurance which rides on the bet, the odds are naturally going to be shorter as opposed to backing them in the match outright. Here is an example.

The odds in the match outright are:

Manchester City 5/4
Manchester United 21/10
Draw 5/2

You think that Manchester city will produce a win in the game but they are away from home and it is still a tough fixture for them. So you’re a little unsure about them pulling out a victory but they still looked the more likely of the two to do so. So in backing a Draw No Bet on Manchester City at 4/6 odds, it means you have a small contingency. If Man City win, you are paid out at the 4/6 odds, if they draw you get the full stake refund. If they lose the stake is lost.

Winning example of a Draw No Bet in Football

So you back Manchester City at 4/6 Draw No Bet to beat their rivals United in a big derby match. You play a £10 stake on this wager. Manchester City go out and collect a victory in the game and that means that your bet is paid out in full. The return from a £10 stake on 4/6 odds is £16.67 including the stake returned.

Just in comparison, if you had backed City in the match outright at 5/4 odds for the same £10 stake, that would have been £22.50 return. So it’s down to the punter to gauge whether the sacrifice in odds is worth the extra insurance the bet brings.

Losing example of a Draw No Bet in Football

Again, backing a Manchester City Draw No Bet at 4/6 odds in our example game. The Citizens can’t manage to get things right on the day and it is Manchester United who claim the three points. That means that your bet on Man City is totally lost. The only way that the stake would have been returned would have been if City had come up with an equaliser in the game.

Draw No Bet Strategy

This can actually be a very useful tool in football betting when there are close games. The odds above are taken from an actual game where the Draw No Bet on Manchester United was at 11/10. The thing about backing an underdog in this type of bet is that it does at least offer the coverage of the stake coming back if they don’t pull off a win.

But still at the end of the day, how likely is the underdog to win the wager and return profit, which is the whole point of betting? As soon as you start looking at one-sided games, then the odds on the Draw No Bet for the favourite are not going to be worth it. So it is those more evenly matched games where the true value of a Draw No Bet option comes into play.

It can be a difficult betting market in which to find real value in. That is because of the insurance that comes in the very nature of the bet. The bookmaker is not going to give that away for free. You will generally find fairly low odds on offer for this bet.

Can you place a Draw No Bet Accumulator?

It is possible to create a Draw No Bet accumulator. If a selection in a Draw No Bet Acca only draws then that bet becomes void. So if you started out with a four-fold Acca and three of the legs won, but the other game ended in a Draw, that would knock the accumulator back to a treble.

How to place a Draw No Bet on Bet365?

The Draw No Bet market at Bet365 for a given football match is down towards the bottom of the commonly used markets available. it will simply present you with the two teams and the odds for each of them to be covered. It’s always worth going back and looking at the outright winner market and weigh up how much in odds you are giving up for that insurance.

How Does A Draw No Bet Work - Betting Market Explained

What is a Draw No Bet? Betting Type Explained
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