Double Chance Bet Explained

Double chance bets combine two of three outcomes in a football match into one bet. This increases your chances of winning, opposed to selecting just one win single. But the bet will be offered at lower odds than those win single options.

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What is a Double Chance bet?

Every football match has three potential outcomes. There is the home win, the draw and the away win. So if you are picking out a win single you have a one-in-three chance of getting the prediction right. However, you could double your chances of winning by having two of the outcomes in one bet. That is what a double chance bet offers.

Instead of names of teams, you will commonly see the listings in a double chance betting market referenced as:

Home Win = 1
Away Win = 2
Draw = x

Option 1Home Win or Draw1 – X
Option 2Home Win Or Away Win1 – 2
Option 3Draw or Away WinX – 2


How does a Double Chance bet work?

For any given football match, the above options are the double chance options that will be available. So if you were to pick option 1, the result in the match has to be either the Home Win or the Draw.

The double chance bet will be taken at fixed odds. You play one unit stake on it. So, for example, you won’t get a bigger payout on option 1 if it’s the Draw and not the Home Win. You just need one of the outcomes to come good to have the bet win.

Double Chance 12 meaning

In a double chance listing, a 1-2 means either the Home Win (1) or the Away Win (2).

Double Chance 1X meaning

This means that the outcomes selected are the Home Win (1) and the Draw (X).

Double Chance X2 meaning

The Draw (X) or the Away Win (2) results are the ones combined for the double chance.

A winning example of a Double Chance in Football

It is an FA Cup tie between Tottenham v Brighton. In the match outright odds, the home win (Spurs) is at 3/10, the draw at 5/1 and Away Win (Brighton) at 12/1.

You decide that Brighton may be able to frustrate the favourites and so you back an X – 2 double chance. That is predicting either the Draw or an Away Win will happen. The odds on that are 5/2.

Brighton manage to avoid defeat in the game and the game ends in a 1-1 draw. That means that the bet is paid out as a winner because one of the selections were correct.

Losing example of a Double Chance in Football

So if the game from the above example had indeed ended in a Draw, but you had selected a 1 – 2 Double Chance (a Home or Away Win) then your bet would have been lost. Basically breaking down the double chance, you are playing two selections versus the third (in whatever configuration that you are playing the bet). So only the one anomalous result would break down the bet.

Double Chance odds

Let’s go back to the example odds above. These were odds taken from an actual match to illustrate the difference in odds between a double chance and a win single option.

Recall that the Draw – Brighton double chance was at 5/2 odds.

The draw in the match outright had been 5/1 so you would have stood to earn a much bigger payout had you gambled on the Draw. From a £1 stake the difference would be:

Draw Match outright at 5/1 = 6.00 return

Draw – Brighton Double Chance at 5/2 = 3.50 return

But the compromise with the double chance bet is that you were covered by two options instead of the one (Draw and Away Win), so you naturally have to take a cut in odds because there’s far more risk involved for the bookmaker of you winning.

Double Chance bet strategy

So when does the double chance come into play? It’s not one for backing a strong home team with. In the example above a Tottenham – Draw double chance was 1/16 odds. The double chance comes into play really when you think that an underdog in a match has a fairly decent chance of avoiding defeat.

Maybe a team from the middle of a league table is in good home form, not conceding many goals and they are hosting a team in the top six who have had a couple of dodgy away results recently. The home side can essentially be backed to avoid defeat in a Home Win – Draw (1X) double chance.

How to place a Double Chance bet on Bet365

Once you have browsed to the match that you want in the Bet365 sports book, then you will see near the top of all of the markets listed, the Double Chance market. It usually sits right below the match outright market. That means it is a quick and easy market to actually get to.

Then you will see the three options presented (1X, 12 & X2) and you select which of them you want to back. Clicking an option will send it to your bet slip so that you can enter your stake and then strike the bet.

How Does A Double Chance Bet Work - Double Chance Betting Market Explained

What is a Double Chance Bet? Double Chance Betting Type Explained
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What is a Double Chance Bet? Double Chance Betting Type Explained
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