Asian Goal Line Bet Explained

Asian Goal Line bets are not to be confused with Asian Handicap bets. The Asian Goal Line betting market offers punters the chance to make predictions on the amount of goals happening in the game. This type of bet is also referred to as Alternative Goal Lines.

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What is an Asian Goal Line bet?

The difference between an Asian Goal Line bet and a regular goal line bet (like Over/Under 2.5 goals) is that the Asian Goal Line offers the chance at stake refunds.

It also offers quarter and half goal options along with the full goal options for a lot more variety and specialised betting.

How does an Asian Goal Line bet work?

For a given football match you make a prediction about the number of goals that are going to happen in it. For example, this could be Over 1. It does not matter which teams score the goals in the game, nor is the outcome of the match is relevant at all. Just the number of goals.

So if the game was to end in a 2-0 scoreline for one of the teams for example, the Asian Goal Line bet of Over 1.0 would win because the goals in the game was more than the prediction. If the game had ended in a 0-0 draw for example, then the bet would have lost as the prediction would not have been covered.

But what if the scoreline had been 1-0 which matches the number of goals in your initial prediction (Over 1.0)? Well the bet did not go over 1 goal and neither did it go under. So that means that a stake refund would be issued (a Push).

Under or over 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 goals explained

The advent of quarter and half goals add a whole new dimension to betting when it comes to Asian Goal Lines. What is the purpose of them? It is all about intervals.

Half Goals

A half goal will naturally be found as the interval between two whole goals. For example, an Over 1.5 goals option is sat between Over 1 and Over 2 options. The simple thing about half goal Asian Goal Line bets is that they eliminate the draw option. So no refund would be issued because no team is going to score half of a goal on the pitch. So if you backed Over 1.5 goals, then only two outcomes are in play, you either win (Over) or lose (Under).

Quarter Goals

In between a whole goal and a half goal option sits a quarter goal. For example, between Over 1 Goal and Over 1.5 Goals is the Over 1.25 Goals option. The quarter goal option splits a stake between the two bets either side of it.

If you place a £10 stake on Over 1.25 Goals, then £5 goes to the Over 1 Goal bet and the other £5 goes to the Over 1.5 Goal bet.

If there was only one goal in the game it means that a Push is created on the Over 1 Goal part of the bet (so a stake refund) but the stake on the 1.5 goal bet is lost totally. Therefore, in total, the bet is a half loss.

Full Goals

Any full goal Asian Goal Line bet is simply a matter of winning, losing or getting the full stake back if the goals in the game match the selected number of goals in your bet.

Asian Goal Line Chart / Table

Here is a chart of Asian Goal Line options and the results that would happen in different situations. Note that at online sportsbooks, it is common to see Asian Goal Lines (aka Alternative Goal Lines) presented purely in numerical value and so for reference, see the final column in the chart.

Asian Goal Line Table Chart

A winning example of an Asian Goal Line bet in football

So going into a game between Everton and Crystal Palace, you think that the game is going to be a high scoring affair. Both teams are scoring well and neither have been proficient at taking clean sheets.

Therefore, you back over 1.75 goals in the game. This is a quarter goal Asian Goal Line bet. Half the stake goes on Over 1.5 and half on Over 2 goals. The game ends in a 2-1 win for Everton for a total of three goals in the game.

So the basic outcome is that the three goals easily covered the Over 1.75 Goals option that you had backed to happen. The bet wins in its entirety.

Losing example of an Asian Goal Line bet in football

In the Everton v Crystal Palace game, you instead go Under 1.5 goals, because you think it is just going to be a boring, low key game. The game ends up being a 1-1 draw at the end of the day.

Again the result doesn’t matter at all, it is about the goals scored. The two goals that were scored beat the prediction that you had made that there would be under 1.5 goals. So the bet lost, there is no stake refund.

Asian Goal Line strategy

A basic strategy for Asian Goal Line betting is about looking for the opportunities that the quarter goals present. Instead of looking at for example Over 1.5 Goals, if you cut that down to go to Over 1.25 Goals then it creates a situation where you will only lose half of your stake if just one goal is scored in the game. It is small way to try and give a little bit of extra coverage to a bet.

If one goal scored in a game where the Over 1.5 goals bet is played, you get nothing back. So it is digging into those smaller margins of options. Similarly, the quarter goals can be used to offer coverage when it comes to backing Under options. For example, Under 1.25 goals would at least create a half-win if there was just the one goal was scored.

How to place an Asian Goal Line bet on Bet365?

At some bookmakers, you will see the Asian Goal Lines being called Alternative Goal Lines. It is the same thing and they are interchangeable. At Bet365, browse to a specific match and go to the top menu for that game and click on Asian Lines.

The fourth market down on the page is the Alternative Goal Line Market. You can just expand the market to see all the options that they have available. The odds are presented in numerical values in two columns and then you have the option to back a goal line under or over.

How Does An Asian Goal Line Bet Work - Asian Goal Line Betting Explained

What is an Asian Goal Line Bet? Asian Goal Line Betting Type Explained
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