1X2 Bet Explained

The 1X2 bet is the most common form of wagering option that there is in football betting. It can be referred to as Match Outrights or 90 Minutes markets as well. It is simply one prediction made on the outcome of a fixture which has three potential outcomes in it. It’s not exclusive to football though, any sport which has three outcomes in a game, will have the option of a 1X2 bet.

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What is a 1X2 bet?

For a soccer match, there are three potential outcomes that could happen. There is either going to be a home win, an away win or the draw. That’s it, so a 1X2 bet refers to that. The numbers just represent an outcome:

1 represents a Home win
X represents a Draw
2 represents an Away win

How does a 1X2 bet work?

You will see a fixed-odds price attached to each of the three options in a 1X2 market for a game. These are representative of the probabilities that the bookmaker has assigned to each of the likely outcomes. For example, if the away side is at 2/1 then 2/1 odds means that the bookmaker has an implied probability of 33% on the Away win happening.

You take which one of the three outcomes in a 1X2 bet that you like and place a single stake against it. If that outcome occurs, your bet wins. Remember though that you always have two opposing potential outcomes to your selected one. That’s the risk.

A winning example of a 1X2 bet in Football

As an example of a 1X2 bet in football, it is the World Cup Final between Brazil and England. The bookmaker has presented odds of:

1 – Brazil 3/4
X – Draw 14/5
2 – England 10/3

You think that England, who are the underdogs might be able to have their day. So you place a £5 stake on the Three Lions at 10/3 odds to win outright. Fortunately, it is England who wins the final and that means that your bet has returned a total of £21.67. The scoreline by which England wins doesn’t matter. It’s just the outright match result.

Losing example of a 1X2 bet in Football

Looking at the example match again and still backing England at 10/3, the game ends in a 2-0 win for Brazil instead. That means the Selecao walk off with the World Cup and the bookmaker walks off with your entire stake.

Similarly, if the game had ended in a draw, that would have been a lost bet. In matches where extra time is applicable, the outright bet won’t apply. All 1X2 bets on matches conclude at 90 minutes. So for example in the World Cup Final you had backed England to win, but the game was 1-1 at 90 minutes. However, even though England went on to win the game in extra time, your bet at 90 minutes was still lost.

1X2 Strategy

If you browse around you will find many different strategies for 1X2 betting. It can be a very personalised thing, coming down to the preference of what type of betting a punter likes. Some of course like gung-ho options in trying to get underdog wins.

Some punters like the steadier and pragmatic approach of picking odds-on home teams and build multiple bets with them, like Trixies, Yankees and Accumulators.

Others will focus on matches which are more likely to be a draw, because more often than not, that is where the prime value in 1X2 market odds is. It is a straight forward market and spotting the value on outcomes that bookmakers have potentially undervalued can be something to work towards with experience.

How Does A 1X2 Bet Work - Match Outrights Betting Explained

What is a 1X2 Bet? 1X2 Betting Type Explained
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What is a 1X2 Bet? 1X2 Betting Type Explained
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