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Lee Jackson by Lee Jackson | Published: July 9, 2019

Horse racing is one of the biggest sports for betting in the UK. The frequency of races, fanciable odds and the ability to bet on races from all over the world, makes it hugely popular for punters. It’s great for beginners who want to simply pick race-winner options, while seasoned bettors enjoy the Sport of Kings for all of its nuances.

Horse racing is a sport which is heavily supported by statistics. Punters can use information about all kinds of variables to try and boost their chances of picking a winner. Things like horse form, age, jockey form, course conditions, race distance and handicapping weights are just some of the key factors that bettors will take a look at.

The Sport of Kings delivers some of the most thrilling action in the sporting calendar. While there remains such high prestige on famous races like the Classics and the Cheltenham Gold Cup, one of the biggest events of British Racing is the Aintree Grand National. That’s a stunning, thunderous sight of 40 horses taking on the biggest challenge of endurance in National Hunt racing that there is.

With so much to reveal within horse racing, we have brought together a collection of betting guides to help you take a closer look at the sport. If you are a beginner looking at how to get started with horse racing betting then we have a big beginners guide which covers a lot of the main topics. Also included is your ultimate guide to studying horse racing form and handicapping.

It is important to get a good grounding in the sport if you intend to bet on it. A basic understanding of all the wonderful subtleties and colourful jargon that surrounds the sport is only going to enhance your experience. Also, because the Sport of Kings is such a fancied sport, we also give you pointers to some of the top horse racing courses in the UK as well as a look at some of the biggest names to have ever graced the sport.

The Ultimate Guide to Studying Horse Racing Form

We provide a comprehensive look at some of the main factors that influence horse racing betting. This is from the horse racing beginners perspective to help you get a good footing in the sport, from understanding key terms to how to place a bet.

A History of Race Horses

We take a look at some of the most famous names from the history of horse racing. If you don’t know your Red Rum from your Shergar from your American Pharoah, or what made them so great, then with our guide you will be able to sound like a horse racing pro.

Most Famous Horse Races in the World

Racing is a worldwide phenomenon and the sport continues to grow and grow. So here we take a look at the biggest races from both home and abroad.

Horse Racing Place Terms

There is plenty of betting coverage on horse racing without necessarily having to pick the winner out of the field. Each way bets on horses that Place can yield a return as well. But what does it mean for a horse to Place and how does it affect your bet? Learn all about place terms in horse racing.

Ultimate Guide to Handicapping in Horse Racing

Handicapping is one of the key things to understand about horse racing betting. This is where horses carry different weights in order to create a level playing field in a race. But while it should lead to more competitive racing action, there is a lot of skill needed to get a handicapping pick just right. Learn more in our Horse Racing Handicapping Guide.

Top 10 Factors To Consider For Picking A Winning Horse

Horse racing utilises many different factors when it comes to punters reading form. Each little nibble of information can play a crucial part in decision making about picking a horse from a field. In this horse racing guide, we explore the importance of things like course record, current form and trainer/jockey combo.

Top British Racecourses

There are over 50 different racecourses in operation in Great Britain, which is quite a staggering number and a testament to how popular the sport is. This guide takes a look at the top courses around.

Key Festivals

The biggest horses races in Britain are usually part of a more extensive Festival. For example, the Grand National is part of the Aintree Festival, the Cheltenham Gold Cup is the main feature of the Cheltenham Festival. Check out some of the unmissable horse racing Festivals.

Guide to Virtual Horse Racing

You can find yourself transported into a 24/7 virtual world of horse racing with online bookmakers. Virtual racing is a random-chance game based on the Sport of Kings. You get a virtual race card with the odds of the runners. You select your horse and then watch the computer-generated race. Read our guide to Virtual Racing to find out how it all works.

Beginner Horse Racing Guides
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Beginner Horse Racing Guides
With so much to reveal within horse racing, we have brought together a collection of beginner betting guides to help you take a closer look at the sport.
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