Reverse Forecast Bet Explained

A forecast bet is commonly used in horse and greyhound racing. A reverse forecast bet varies from a straight forecast which needs the named selections to finish in an exact order.

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What is a Reverse Forecast bet?

Two selections are made in order to predict the exact 1-2 order in a race. However, as you are backing all scenarios, they can finish in either order. A reverse forecast bet can actually be thought of as two straight forecasts and therefore requires a double unit stake.

A straight forecast may be Lalor to finish first and Us And Them to finish second. Because you are reversing that forecast, you also play a bet of Us And Them to finish first and Lalor to finish second. So that’s both potential outcomes involving your selections covered for a 1-2 finish, hence the x2 stake.

Winning Example of a Reverse Forecast in Horse Racing

Two selections are added to a betting slip from a horse race. The odds on a reverse forecast bet will be calculated by the bookmaker from a number of factors, including number of runners and the odds at which all entries are at. It’s not just a matter of cumulative odds of your two selections.

It does not matter which order they finish between them in the top two for the bet to win. Note that a bookmaker will only give you Starting Prices in forecast bets. Whatever that is, they will pay out the value of that per Unit Stake if your bet wins. A reverse forecast is going to be at reduced odds compared to a straight forecast.

As an example of this, you pick Us And Them – Lalor in a reverse forecast at x2 unit stake.

Stake = £2 (two £1 stakes)

Return = £1 x winning straight forecast

Result is Us And Them first, Lalor second.

Bet Result
Forecast 1Us And ThemLalorWon
Forecast 2LalorUs And ThemLost


When it comes to the payout, in this example the bookmaker priced up the forecast at 3/1 after you have played the £2 stake. But ONLY the stake from the one winning forecast is applied to the bet. So a £1 stake at 3/1 odds returns a £3 profit.

Losing Example of a Reverse Forecast in Horse Racing

If at least one of them fails to get into the top two though, then the bet is lost. You can still have for example, Us And Them finish in the top two and Lalor finish outside of the first two places, but that still is a lost bet because the latter didn’t play its part in a top-two finish. Remember that a reverse forecast requires a x2 unit stake, so more is at risk.

Reverse Forecast Strategy

A reverse forecast bet does offer a little more coverage obviously than a straight forecast. Where this could come into play as a betting strategy for an example, is in a horse race where there are two strong horses at the head of the market. Let’s say they are joint favourites.

You don’t think the rest of the field is up to standard but it’s hard to pick which of the two favourites will win.

In a straight forecast, you would have to pick an exact outcome of a 1-2 finish. But maybe in this example, you feel the horses are too evenly matched, so there is less risk by backing them in a reverse forecast instead.

How do you place a Reverse Forecast bet on Bet365?

To place a reverse forecast bet on bet365 simply pick out the horse racing card from which you want to build your bet from. Underneath the main card, you will see a Tricast/Forecast section. Each runner in the race is listed there with the option of 1st, 2nd or ANY.

To build a reverse forecast, make your two selections by clicking ANY next to their name. The selections will be added to the betting slip and you can strike the bet. Because you are selecting ANY and not an exact 1st or 2nd position, the reverse forecast will be created, needing a x2 unit stake.

How Does A Reverse Forecast Bet Work - Reverse Forecast Betting Explained

What is a Reverse Forecast Bet? Reverse Forecast Betting Type Explained
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What is a Reverse Forecast Bet? Reverse Forecast Betting Type Explained
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