How To Place A Bet Online

Lee Jackson by Lee Jackson | Published: June 13, 2019

You are looking forward to a big cricket match with England at home in the Ashes against Australia. You think to yourself “I bet that England win this game.” But then what? How do you go from turning that thought into the action of placing a bet?

To answer that, here is our guide on how to place a bet online.

Finding a Bookmaker

There are bookmakers aplenty out there which is a good thing for punters. That means there is competition between them to get your business. That leads to two things for the punter, the ability to get a welcome bonus and that competition can lead to improved odds.

You may be able to shop around and find a better price on a selection at one bookmaker than at another. So when you are looking for a bookmaker, you don’t necessarily have to just settle on picking one. So take some time, and search around for the bookmakers that you like.

Which bookmaker to pick?

Think about the things that you want to get out of your online betting. Does the bookmaker offer competitive odds on the markets that you are most interested in? That’s one of the first things to consider really. If it’s Premier League football that you are focusing on, do they consistently stand out with good odds quotes?

Then look at things like features. Do you enjoy the operation of a bookmaker’s live in-play betting service? Do they offer live streams that you can watch? What degree of bonus features do they offer and do they cover the main markets that you are looking for? Other things to look at is customer service and things like payment methods and fees.

This doesn’t have to be as complicated of an enterprise as it may sound. Read bookmaker reviews to check up on the different aspects of the many different providers. Then just take a site for a bit of a test drive and then when you are content, go through the registration process. Registration processes are generally very quick with online bookmakers, but will require some ID verification.

The most popular online bookmaker is Bet365. They have an excellent interactive in-play betting feature, as well as regular live streams. If you are looking to sign up, use a bonus code to get free bet credits. Other popular bookmakers offering bonuses include Betfair and Paddy Power.

Picking your selection

Once you are all signed up at the bookmaker of your choice, then it is a matter of finding your selection. To do this, just browse through an operator’s sportsbook. Say you are looking at backing England to beat Australia in a cricket match. You find the specific game and then you will see the presented odds for the main match outcomes. You will click those odds which will then send your option to the betting slip.

For big events and for those which are going to start in the near future, you will generally find them listed on the homepage of an operator’s website. So there will likely be quick options for you to get access to your bet without having to wade through the actual sportsbook. This is true also of the live in-play betting markets that are available.

Once your selection is in your betting slip, that is where you enter your stake. Give things a once over to make sure that you haven’t entered a £100 stake when you meant to do £10 and click the button to place your bet. You are not going to be able to undo a wager once you have struck it, so double check things. At any operator, you will be able to visit your membership account and see what bets you have placed.

See our sports betting bankroll management guide for tips on managing your money.

Simple steps to place a bet online

  1. Find a bookmaker that fits your liking.

    For this example let’s say it is at Bet365.

  2. Register an account with the bookmaker, ideally using a new customer offer.

    You will only have to do this once, of course, then you will have access to log in at any time.

  3. Download the operator’s mobile app if they provide one, as this gives you betting at your fingertips whenever you like and wherever you are.

  4. Browse the sportsbook until you find your event, for example, a cricket match.

    Browse the sportsbook to find your event - How to place a bet online

  5. Click on the odds for your desired selection and they will be sent directly to your bet slip.

    Click on the odds on your desired selection - How to place a bet online

  6. Repeat from Step 4 if you want to add more selections to your bet slip.

  7. Enter your desired stake on your bet slip.

    Double check this! Once you place your bet it cannot be undone.

  8. Click ‘Place Bet’.

How to place a bet online on an Acca or a Multiple

The great thing about online betting is the ability to easily create more complex bet types. If you wanted therefore to build a bet beyond a regular single, such as an accumulator, then it’s a matter of simply repeating the process of searching for your selection and adding it to your bet slip.

For a more detailed look at online betting, check out our other beginner guides.

How To Place A Bet Online: Best Bookmaker’s Explained
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How To Place A Bet Online: Best Bookmaker’s Explained
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