How to Open a Betting Account

Lee Jackson by Lee Jackson | Published: June 15, 2019

New customer offers are a big part of online betting. You will see plenty of them and they exist as tools for bookmakers to draw in new customers. That is what they are designed to do. So how do you open a betting account with new customer offers?

  1. Decide which bookmaker feels most suitable to you.

    The first stage of online betting is creating an account with an operator. A quick bit of research, basically having a look at bookmaker reviews, will steer you in the right direction. Then it is a matter of picking out the ones that seem most favourable to you.

  2. Get the things you may need when registering.

    Registration at online bookmakers are fairly straightforward. There is, of course, security issues at play here, necessary to keep your account safe. That will require creating things like a username and password, so don’t forget them when you are setting up.

    You will have to have a physical address, be a resident from a qualifying country and you will have to prove that you are at least 18 years old. That will likely be verified through picture ID like a driver’s licence or passport. Bookmakers may ask you for further ID verification if they need to.

  3. Consider which new customer offer appeals to you.

    Usually, you will see any offers pop up in splash screens when you visit a site. They will also appear in banner headers on the homepage of website, or you can simply browse to the Promotions page of a bookmaker if you don’t immediately spot one. Alternatively, we have a page dedicated to all the latest bookmaker betting offers.

    Different new customer offers will vary in how they are activated. Some will simply require the click of a promotional button which will take you straight the registration process through a special link. Others may want to you to visit the normal registration form on the website and then plug in a special promo code at the time of putting in your information.

    Others may actually want you to complete the registration process fully first and then activate a welcome bonus offer that will be found in your account management section. So that may sound like a lot, but basically, the key thing is to read. Make that you take a look at the key terms and conditions of opening an account with a welcome bonus and just take a minute to see the requirements.

  4. Click register.

    Once you have decided, it’s time to hit the registration button.

  5. Fill in your details and enter a bonus code if prompted.

    To complete the registration process when opening a new betting account, ensure all of your details are correct, you have added the required verification and you have used your desired bonus code (if applicable).

    If you are looking to deposit funds, this step comes once the account has been opened.

What are the best new betting account offers?

One of the most popular new betting account offers come from the popular online bookmaker Bet365, which offers up to £100 in bet credits (matched deposit). This one will require just a minimum deposit of £5 to initiate. You can just claim the bonus within 30 days of registration and the offer is to match the value of your first deposit. Place qualifying bets to the value of your qualifying deposit (up to the limit of £100) to release the bet credits.

That’s a perfect example of how opening a betting account with new customer offer can be done to your benefit. This, as with many of them will need a promo code, and the current one can be found through our Bet365 Bonus Code guide.

Another of the popular welcome bonuses that are around comes from Paddy Power. This is an example of a risk-free first bet promotion. After registering with them (see our Paddy Power Bonus Code guide) place your first bet on the account (qualification requirements have to be met) and then if that first bet loses, the bookmaker will refund your stake up to the max refund of £20.

One of the top betting exchange new account offers comes from Betfair which provides new customers with the chance to pick up a total of £100 bonus funds. Each time that you make 5 x £10 bets (minimum odds requirement) you will get a £20 free bet back. See our Betfair Bonus Code guide for more details.

Why is it important to check terms and conditions when opening a betting account?

All welcome offers will come with specific terms and conditions. This is basically for the bookmaker to cover themselves, because if you forget to use your bonus in the allotted amount of time and it expires, well that’s down to you.

It can’t be stressed enough, that reading the terms and conditions of any offer, be it a welcome bonus or any other type of promotion is important. Again that’s simply so that you can make the most of the deal that is being offered to you.

For instance, some welcome bonus offers are likely to need a certain amount of stake placed on a bet at minimum odds to be activated. In any instance where a bookmaker offers a free bet, those will have terms and conditions on them, as well as having expiration time limits on them.

Nearly all welcome bonus offers that you will come across will require a minimum deposit on your account first. Common types of welcome bonus promotion are enhanced odds on a given event or a money back special where they will refund the value of your first stake bet up to a limit.

Can you open multiple betting accounts?

You are permitted to have an account at more than one bookmaker. You can have an account at Bet365, Ladbrokes, William Hill and Betfair at the same time. That’s perfectly legal and common practice among punters. Why? Because it allows you to shop around for the best odds on a particular selection. It’s particularly useful for finding value bets.

What you can’t do is hold more than one account at the same bookmaker. You can only have one account per bookmaker. So if you hold an account with Bet365 you can’t then try and open another one to say take advantage of a new customer offer. That will get you banned from them altogether.

Notice too that it can also be unlikely that more than one person registered at the same household will be able to hold an account at a particular bookmaker. The operators limit this because of potential fraud.

Do you have to open separate horse racing and football betting accounts?

If you register with a bookmaker then you will have access to everything in their sportsbook. That includes horse racing. You don’t have a separate account for horse betting and one for all sports. They are all lumped into one.

If you are just getting started and want to learn more, check our other beginner guides for useful tips!

How to Open a Betting Account with New Customer Offers
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