Betting Slips Explained

Lee Jackson by Lee Jackson | Published: June 13, 2019

Betting slips are an important part of online betting. They are a buffer between you picking out your selections and the bookmaker taking your money. Basically, it acts as a shopping cart for your bets and provides an important pause between selecting and striking bets.

What is a bet slip?

Blank Betting Slip

In the traditional method of betting before the advent of online betting, you would walk into a high street store, grab a betting slip which is a small piece of paper (similar concept to the one shown above), scribble in your selection and hand it over to the cashier. That of course still happens today as high street betting is still going strong.

The online version of the betting slip is the same thing. Only you will be clicking selections and it does fancier things like calculate returns and allows you easy access to other betting options like the creation of multiples.

If you are a new customer and prefer online over in-store betting, the most popular bookmaker is Bet365. Remember to use a bonus code when signing up for free bet credits. Typically, shops do not offer new customer offers.

How to fill out a betting slip

  1. Browse through the Sportsbook to find the selection that you want.

    In this instance, at Ladbrokes, we back Tottenham at 3/1 to beat Liverpool.

    Find a selection to back - How to fill out a bet slip online

  2. Once you click the selection, it is added to the betting slip.

    Selection then added to the bet slip - How to fill out a bet slip

  3. The stake is entered and immediately the potential returns are calculated right there on the betting slip.

    Enter your stake to see potential returns - How to fill out a bet slip

  4. All that is left to do is then place the bet.

    Place bet - How to fill out a bet slip

Adding more than one selection on a betting slip

On a betting slip when you add more than one selection, you will see new options appear. These are multiples and you can configure your selections for which you want to include in the multiple.

Filling out more than one selection on a bet slip

How to check for a winning bet slip

You can check most settled bets right on a betting slip at an online bookmaker. You will be able to see which bets have drawn to a conclusion, as well as any open bets that are still pending.

Thanks to technology you really don’t have to do anything with regards to checking to see if you’ve won. If you have won then you automatically see that once the bet has been settled the funds will be in your account and ready to go.

Some bookmakers will have a dedicated section for wins as well. If you are doing this on the High Street then you can either check the result on whatever you have bet on against your slip. You can also just ask the cashier to check it as well.

What is the bet slip reference number for?

This is for security and well, reference really. If you need to contact customer support over any kind of dispute, then you will use the reference number. It’s basically a record of an individual bet.

What happens if you lost your betting slip?

If you have done a physical betting slip in a High Street store and then you find it has disappeared into the black hole down the back of the couch, then you would naturally panic. However, you should be covered.

You would have to go back to the shop and discuss things with a cashier or a manager. You are likely going to have to fill out a Lost Slip form and on this, you will have to re-write the bet so that they compare handwriting with the copy of the original wager that they will have. You will also have to provide personal details like name and address as well as providing some form of picture identification.

The best bet is to simply go back to the store and ask. This is actually where things are much easier online. You will have a clear record that you can see in your account. There are no physical betting slips to actually lose.

How long is a betting slip valid for?

This is something that you are going to need to ask the individual operator about. Note that there will be a time limit where it’s 30 days, 60 or 90 or even a year. However, it’s not uncommon at all for bookmakers to honour expired bets. Basically, just ask. Again a benefit of online betting is that this wouldn’t be an issue as they are settled automatically.

Are there different betting slips for horse racing and football?

If you walk into a High Street betting store then you will grab a blank slip and you can fill out whatever bet from whatever sport that you want on it. There are, however, dedicated betting slips for football and horse racing that are designed to make things quicker and easier.

You will be able to grab a specific slip for say the World Cup Final with options like goalscorer and score betting all printed on there. Online, the betting slip at the operator is exactly the same no matter what you pick from what sport. You can combine multiple sports on one bet.

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Betting Slips Explained: Filling Out, Checking for a Winner and FAQ
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Betting Slips Explained: Filling Out, Checking for a Winner and FAQ
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