Beginner Betting Guides

Lee Jackson by Lee Jackson | Published: May 30, 2019

In our series of in-depth beginner betting guides, we will introduce a wide range of topics to help those who are starting out in betting. The aim of these in-depth guides is to try and provide as much knowledge as possible in order to get the most out of wagering practices.

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Our guides will take you through understanding everything from how to calculate odds, how to read different formats of odds, as well as getting an understanding of how a bookmaker makes their money through their operating edge.

We will explain how to get the most value from your bets by having a working knowledge of odds and what those odds represent in terms of probability. There is a lot in betting to explore, and our beginner betting guides will help fill in any of the blanks that you may have.

The wonderful thing about betting is that there is always something to learn. Even the most experienced bettors still look for new ways of doing things. There are always new markets to explore and new betting systems to pick up for example. Learning is just growth, which leads to experience, which leads to stronger decisions.

Our guides will give pointers on things like the basics of operating an online betting account through to how to strike a bet. Other areas explored include the often overlooked importance of managing a bankroll. You will also be able to find beginner guides that will most importantly help you understand risk because, at the end of the day, it’s your money at stake.

How To Place A Bet Online

This guide will explain how to find the right bookmaker that suits your own preferences, through to placing a bet online with them.

How to Beat the Bookies and Make Money Betting

As a bettor, you are basically in the practice of trying to beat a bookmaker. What does that mean? It means winning a bet, but it can also mean extracting as much value out of a market as possible, which is what this betting guide will explore.

Sports Betting Bankroll Money Management Tips

Something that is a crucial aspect of betting is how to control your money. This guide will show you how to manage your bankroll, which is the amount of money that you have to gamble with.

How to Open a Betting Account with New Customer Offers

Just a quick glance online and you will see a wealth of new customer offers provided by bookies. This beginner guide explores how to open an account, what the offers are and whether or not they offer any real value for customers.

Betting Slips Explained: Filling Out, Checking for a Winner and FAQ

The betting slip is the bridge between picking your selections and handing over your cash to a bookmaker. This guide explores what you can do on your betting slip.

Sports Betting for Beginners with Top Tips

If you are new to betting then it can be a little tricky to know just where to start. What sports do you look at? How do you know if you are getting a good price? This guide explores some of the absolute basics of sports betting.

What is Live In-Play Betting? Best In Play Bets to Consider

One of the most thrilling aspects of online betting is live in-play betting. This is a fascinating topic which we explore in this guide. What sports can you bet on and what exactly are in-play bets?

How to Find Good Value Bets on Football

Just because odds are presented in a football match by a bookmaker, doesn’t necessarily mean that you agree with them. This guide explores what good value bets mean to you.

Betting Exchanges Explained

Betting Exchanges offer an alternative to regular sportsbook betting. Exchanges like Betfair basically operate on a peer to peer betting platform. That simply is punters wagering against each other. One of the big features is being able to both Back a selection to win or to Lay a selection to NOT win. Players can also select their own odds and Exchanges often offer a lot more value in odds compared to traditional sportsbooks.

A Full Guide To Spread Betting

Spread betting involves buying or selling a spread, depending on whether you think the value of a given market is going to go up or down. In the UK it’s a form of wagering which is largely related to Financials markets. The risks in Spread Betting can be very high. The term Spread Betting in the US takes on a whole different meaning though. Read our in-depth guide to all-things Spread Betting.

Beginner Betting Guides: Understand Betting Basics
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Beginner Betting Guides: Understand Betting Basics
In our series of in-depth beginner betting guides, we will introduce a wide range of topics to help those starting out in betting. Learn the basics today!
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Article by Lee Jackson

Lee has built a vast working knowledge of different bet types, betting systems, probability and all-important experience. His experience within the betting industry extends to over a decade of researching and writing betting guides. Understanding the statistical and mathematical side of betting is something that fascinates Lee. The study of statistics and implied probability in odds are factors that he finds engaging and important to understanding the inner workings of the practice of betting.