Bet365 Super Boost – What Are They & Are They Worth It?

Bet365 Super Boost Featured

I’ve seen many betting promotions come and go, but the Bet365 Super Boosts have consistently caught my attention.

These offers provide enhanced odds on selected events, making them an exciting feature for any serious bettor.

What is a Super Boost?

A Super Boost is a promotion offered by Bet365 where the odds on certain bets are significantly enhanced. Essentially, it means you get better value for your money compared to the regular odds.

What’s special about these is the jump in value is high.

This can apply to various sports and markets, from football matches to horse racing, and even to some less mainstream sports. The Super Boosts are designed to attract more bets by offering potential higher returns without increasing the risk.

Here’s an example of a winning Super Boost. It boosted Southampton from 4/9 to 1/1 and returned £80 instead of £57.78.

Bet365 Super Boost Southampton

Where & How Does it Appear?

Super Boosts appear on the homepage under the Bet Boost area. I did nothing to trigger this and it just displayed in its own time.

From my experience they have always been furthest to the left on this slider and will be clearly marked as Super Boost with 3 gold arrows.

Here’s an example of a Super Boost bet builder appearing on the homepage for an English Premier League match.

When Does it Update?

The Super Boosts are updated regularly, often daily, depending on the sporting events scheduled.

For instance, if there’s a big football match coming up, you might see a Super Boost available a day or two before the game. The timing is strategic, ensuring bettors have enough time to place their bets while the odds are still hot.

Is it Personalised to Each Account?

From my experience, the Super Boosts are not personalised to individual accounts. I tested this by logging out and the same boosts appeared.

They are available to all Bet365 users, meaning everyone has the same opportunity to benefit from these enhanced odds. However, the availability of these boosts can depend on your location and the specific sports or events that are popular in your region.

Max Stake

One thing to note about Super Boosts is that there is often a maximum stake limit.

On my account the Max Stake is £40. You can see in the screenshot below I attempted to bet £50 and it forced me to update it to £40 to be able to place the bet.

My Experience

As someone who has been betting for years, I’ve found the Bet365 Super Boosts to be a valuable addition to my betting strategy.

They offer a chance to get more value out of the bets I was already considering, and sometimes they even prompt me to explore betting options I might not have otherwise considered.

You should remain highly selective, as you cannot choose exactly which selections are boosted.

There is no dedicated Bet365 Super Boost page, but you can read the full T&Cs under the Bet Boost section.

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