My Take on Bet365’s Bet Builder: Tips, Rules & More

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As someone who enjoys customising bets, Bet365’s Bet Builder has become one of my go-to features.

It lets you combine multiple selections from a single match, offering a more tailored betting experience. Over time, I’ve picked up a few insights on making the most of this tool, especially when dealing with player injuries, substitutions, and the rules.

Strategy & Tips

I have a particular strategy which serves me well on Bet Builders.

Remember, we need all these selections to come in, whether we lose 1, 2 or 3 of them makes no difference. We are just trying to maximise the times all of them come in whilst getting maximum value in the odds.

Favourite Strategy

Underdog Result or Double Chance Choice

Let’s say the away team is the underdog and we choose them to win the match or double chance. I would combine this with the favourite to get 7+ corners, since if the underdog is winning we know the better team will be chasing the game.

I would also back the underdog to get most cards, since if they’re winning they would be desperate to keep the lead and will likely be struggling at times.

If it’s a fairly big underdog, the game will probably have less goals in it as what would the chances be of a big underdog scoring 2 or more goals.

Here’s an example of this strategy employed for the Germany vs Scotland Euro 2024 match:

Remember, I am not saying Scotland will necessarily win. But the usual Double Chance odds for Scotland are 11/4 here. So my strategy is to combine this with 2 other outcomes which I feel seem likely in the event it does happen, boosting the odds to 14/1.


  • Over 2 cards for Scotland
  • Over 6 corners for Germany
  • Match result will be draw or Scotland
Bet365 Bet Builder Best Strategy

Alternative Strategy

In-Form Player Performance Bet

Another effective strategy for using Bet365’s Bet Builder is focusing on in-form player performances. This strategy involves identifying players who are currently performing well and building your bets around their potential impact on the game. Here’s how you can apply this strategy:

  1. Identify In-Form Players: Look for players who have been consistently performing well in recent matches. This could include goal scorers, key playmakers, or defensive stalwarts.
  2. Combine Player Performance with Match Outcomes: For example, if a particular striker is in excellent form, you could bet on them to score and combine this with the match result. If a midfielder is known for creating chances, you could bet on them to have a certain number of assists or shots on target.
  3. Leverage Defensive Performances: If a defender or goalkeeper has been performing exceptionally, consider bets on clean sheets or under a certain number of goals conceded.

Example Strategy for an In-Form Player

For instance, consider the Euro 2024 match between Austria and France:

  • Player: Kylian Mbappe (France)
  • Selections:
    • Kylian Mbappe to score anytime
    • France to win
    • Over 2 goals in the match (3 or more)
Bet365 Bet Builder Alternative Strategy

By focusing on an in-form player, you increase your chances of a successful Bet Builder by leveraging current performance trends.

Bet365 Bet Builder Tips

  1. Research Player and Team Form: Always check the recent form of players and teams. This includes looking at statistics such as goals, assists, shots on target, and defensive records.
  2. Stay Updated on Team News: Monitor the latest news for injuries, suspensions, and starting line-ups. This can significantly impact the potential success of your Bet Builder.
  3. Consider Team Motivation: Understand the context of the match. Teams fighting for titles, relegation survival, or those in a crucial knockout stage may perform differently compared to mid-table clashes.
  4. Utilise Bet365’s Bet Boosts: Look for Bet Builder boosts that Bet365 offers periodically. These boosts can enhance your potential payout. They will be found on the event page or homepage.
  5. Diversify Selections: Avoid placing all your bets on a single type of event. Combining different outcomes like match results, corners, and cards can create a more balanced and potentially successful Bet Builder.
  6. Manage Your Stake: Bet Builders involve multiple selections, which increases the risk. It’s important to manage your stake accordingly to avoid significant losses.
  7. Use Early Payout Options: Take advantage of Bet365’s Early Payout feature if your team goes two goals ahead. This can secure your win even if the final result changes. This will be automatic, just consider this when picking your result.
  8. Monitor Live Betting Opportunities: If you’re betting in-play, keep an eye on how the game progresses. Adjusting your Bet Builder based on the match flow can be advantageous.
  9. Understand Void Bet Rules: Be aware of how void bets impact your Bet Builder. Knowing that voided selections adjust the remaining odds can help in recalculating potential returns.
  10. Review Historical Data: Look at past meetings between the teams. Historical data can provide insights into likely outcomes, such as high-scoring games or frequent card offenses.

By employing these strategies and tips, you can enhance your betting experience with Bet365’s Bet Builder, making your bets more informed and increasing your chances of success.

Understanding Bet365’s Rules

Getting familiar with Bet365’s rules is essential. Here are some key points:

  • Void Bets: Bets are void if the event doesn’t occur, is canceled, or if a player doesn’t participate. In a Bet Builder, void selections result in adjusted odds for the remaining bets.
  • Bet Boost: Occasionally, Bet365 offers Bet Boosts on Bet Builders, enhancing potential payouts. Checking for these boosts can be beneficial.

When Bet Builder Isn’t Working

There have been moments when my Bet Builder wasn’t working. Usually, it’s due to technical issues or it being temporarily unavailable for specific matches.

However, there was one time it wasn’t working for me, I fully exited the app via swiping it up out of the multitasking area on iOS and then it just started working when I loaded up the app again.

Bet365 Bet Builder Not Working Fix

Ensuring my app and browser are updated typically fixes these issues. If problems persist, checking Bet365’s status page or contacting support can help.

Player Injured or Not Starting: What Happens to Your Bet?

I’ve learned the importance of checking the status of the players I bet on.

If a player in your Bet Builder doesn’t start the match, Bet365 voids that part of the bet, and the rest remains valid with adjusted odds. If the player gets injured during the match, bets stand unless they specifically relate to the player completing the match or scoring.

First Half Substitution: What to Expect

If a player you’ve bet on is substituted during the first half, the outcome depends on your bet type:

  • Goal Scorer Bets: If the player is substituted before scoring, the bet is lost.
  • Performance-Based Bets: Bets on actions like shots on target or assists are settled based on what the player achieved before being substituted.

Player Substituted On: What Happens to Your Bet?

One thing I’ve had to consider is what happens when a player is substituted on:

  • Pre-Match Bets: If you placed a bet on a player to score or perform certain actions before knowing they’d start on the bench, the bet stands as long as the player participates. For instance, if you bet on a player to score and they come on as a substitute, the bet is still valid.
  • In-Play Bets: If you place a bet after the match has started and a player is yet to come on, the bet becomes valid once the player enters the field.

Handling Void Bets

Void bets in a Bet Builder can happen for several reasons, like match postponements or non-participating players. When a selection is voided, the remaining bets are adjusted accordingly:

  • Single Selection Void: The rest of your Bet Builder stands with recalculated odds.
  • Multiple Voids: If all selections are void, the entire Bet Builder is void, and your stake is refunded.

Making the Most of Early Payout

One feature I appreciate is Bet365’s Early Payout, where your bet is settled as a winner if the team you backed goes two goals ahead. It’s a great way to secure a win within a Bet Builder, even if the final result doesn’t favor your team.

By understanding these aspects of Bet365’s Bet Builder, I’ve been able to craft more strategic bets, increasing my chances of success and making the experience more enjoyable.

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