How Bet365’s 2 Goals Ahead Early Payout Offer Worked for Me

Bet365 2 Goals Ahead Early Payout Featured

As a keen football bettor, discovering Bet365’s “2 Goals Ahead Early Payout Offer” was a game changer for my betting strategy.

This unique feature has transformed the way I approach betting on football matches, allowing me to secure winnings early if the team I back gains a two-goal lead at any point in the match.

This works in both singles and accumulators.

When you add a selection to your bet slip, it will show ‘Early Payout’ in a rectangular box.

Bet365 Early Payout in Bet Slip
Early Payout in Betslip

Here’s an example of a winner, Crystal Palace went 2 goals ahead against Aston Villa meaning whatever happened after this the bet was classed as a winner, even if they ended up drawing or losing the game.

This settles in the bet slip with ‘received’ appearing after a few minutes.

Bet365 Early Payout Received
Early Payout Received During The Match

Early Payout Best Method

To optimize this feature, I focus on backing teams that, based on my analysis, have the potential to take a strong early lead but may still draw or lose the game.

*Remember, this offer gives us little value if we know a team will win with no chance of throwing the lead away*

This strategy leverages teams with a history of starting strong but having inconsistent results by the final whistle. Here are the key steps in my approach:

  1. Team Analysis: Identify teams known for aggressive early gameplay. Look for patterns in their scoring, particularly in the first half.
  2. Match Context: Consider the context of the match, including team form, injuries, and home or away status. Teams in must-win situations often start aggressively.
  3. Good Attack, Bad Defence: This is particularly effective on higher odds selections which you know have an excellent attack but are capable of throwing it away at the end.
  4. High Total Goals: For this offer to be utilised and save you, the match needs to have at least 4 goals.

The beauty of this offer is its simplicity: if the team I bet on goes two goals ahead at any stage during the match, my bet is paid out in full, no matter the final score.

Is It a Good Offer?

To work out whether this is a good offer, let’s see how many times it happened in the 2023/24 Premier League season.

There were 380 matches in the Premier League in 2023/24 and the offer would have saved you 15 times.

Teams and Occurrences

Aston Villa3
Sheffield United2
Man City1
West Ham1
Amount of times Premier League side threw away 2 goal lead in 23/24

Matches where it happened (latest first)

13th May 2024Aston Villa vs. Liverpool3-3
27th April 2024Aston Villa vs. Chelsea2-2
6th April 2024Aston Villa vs. Brentford3-3
30th March 2024Newcastle vs. West Ham4-3
30th March 2024Sheffield United vs. Fulham3-3
13th March 2024Bournemouth vs. Luton4-3
10th March 2024West Ham vs. Burnley2-2
9th March 2024Bournemouth vs. Sheffield United2-2
3rd February 2024Burnley vs. Fulham2-2
3rd February 2024Newcastle vs. Luton4-4
26th December 2023Man United vs. Aston Villa3-2
16th December 2023Man City vs. Crystal Palace2-2
21st October 2023Chelsea vs. Arsenal2-2
21st October 2023Nottingham vs. Luton2-2
26th August 2023Man United vs. Nottingham3-2
Premier League Matches where a side threw away 2 goal lead in 23/24

Although this offer is not likely to be utilised often, it can save a lot of nerves if your selection goes 2 ahead. If you have an eye for stats you could also target the games where this is likely to happen most.

It’s a good offer for peace of mind, but don’t expect it to need to save you too often.

Key Competitions Covered

Over time, I’ve explored various leagues under this offer, which includes an impressive list of over 80 competitions. Here are some of the top competitions that I frequently target:

  • UEFA Champions League
  • Premier League
  • Serie A
  • Bundesliga
  • Ligue 1

I appreciate the breadth of options, which allows me to bet on both well-known leagues and less prominent tournaments, maximising my chances of early payouts.

Reflecting on the T&Cs

It’s crucial to be aware of the fine print. The offer doesn’t apply to bets placed on the Enhanced Prices market.

Moreover, if I use the “Edit Bet” feature before kickoff, the offer adjusts to settle on the new stake. However, if a bet has been edited to include or amend a selection for an event that is In-Play, the offer will no longer apply.These details are important to keep in mind to ensure eligibility and avoid surprises.

Full List of Eligible Competitions

Here’s a snapshot of the various leagues and tournaments I’ve explored through this offer, ranging from local favourites to international spectacles:

Major International Tournaments

  • AFC Asian Cup
  • Africa Cup of Nations
  • Copa America
  • UEFA Nations League
  • World Cup Intercontinental Play-offs
  • Euro 2024
  • Euro 2024 Qualifying
  • FIFA Club World Cup
  • FIFA U20 World Cup

European Competitions

  • UEFA Champions League (from Group Stage onwards)
  • UEFA Europa Conference League (from Group Stage onwards)
  • UEFA Europa League (from Group Stage onwards)
  • European U21 Championship

English Leagues

  • Premier League
  • Championship
  • League 1
  • League 2
  • FA Cup (from First Round onwards)
  • EFL Cup
  • Super League Women (available for bets placed after 12:00 UK Time on Wednesday 3rd January 2024)

Other European National Leagues

  • Scottish Premiership
  • Spanish Primera Liga
  • German Bundesliga I (including Play-offs)
  • Italian Serie A
  • French Ligue 1
  • Portuguese Primeira Liga (available for bets placed after 12:00 UK Time on Wednesday 3rd January 2024)
  • Dutch Eredivisie (including Play-offs)
  • Russian Premier League
  • Turkish Super Lig (available for bets placed after 12:00 UK Time on Wednesday 3rd January 2024)

American Competitions

  • Major League Soccer (including Play-offs)
  • Mexican Liga MX
  • Brazilian Serie A
  • Brazilian Serie B
  • Argentine Primera Division
  • Argentine Nacional B (including Play-offs)
  • Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional
  • Argentine Cup
  • Colombian Primera A (including Play-offs)
  • Colombian Primera B (including Play-offs)
  • Chilean Primera Division
  • Peruvian Primera Division

Asian and Oceanian Competitions

  • AFC Champions League (from Group Stage onwards)
  • Japanese J-League (including Play-offs)
  • Australian A-League
  • Chinese Super League

African Competitions

  • Africa – World Cup Qualifying

Other Competitions

  • CONCACAF Champions League
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup
  • Central America – World Cup Qualifying
  • South America – World Cup Qualifying

Having such an array of competitions will allow you to cherry pick games fitting the criteria outlined in the best method section of this article.

Imagine stumbling across a Chilean Primera Division underdog, which you know go ahead in games but falter towards the end. This is the mindset required to put this offer to best use.

It’s always wise to read through the full T&Cs.

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